2019    Member of the advisor Board in Foment del Treball

2017    Member of the Expert Committee of the Intergenerational Health and Wellbeing Project – Generation & Talent Observatory.

2017    Member of the Advisory Board of the Health and Personal Foundation.

2017    Associate Professor in EAE in the Master of Management in Human Resources.

2016    Member of the AEF Chair (Association of Spanish Foundations).

2015    Member of the SERES Foundation Chair.

2015    Member of the Solidarity Economics Chair and collaborator with the Family Businesses Chair of the UAO CEU.

2013-2015 Permanent member of the Scientific Committee in the Technical Seminars on Funding for Science and Social Innovation (FCIS) in Barcelona (second  event).

2012-2013  Teacher of post-graduate course on local Government (ICPS-UAB).

2010-2011  Professor of Técnicas de Organización de Actos (TOA), Event Organization Techniques in the Protocol Specialization Course, organized by ESPRI and the URV( Tarragona).

2009-2015  Mentor and consultant for event work groups. Training courses suited to the needs of companies.

2007-2009  Trainer in Public Image and Spokesperson Courses. Ostos&Sola Agency.

2003-2006  Course in Table Manners and Protocol for members of the Associació de Gourmets de Catalunya.

2004-2005  Lecturer in a number of courses on Parliamentary Law and its functioning; new regulations on the status of foreigners and work/life personal balance.


2018- Writter at the opinion Seccion in El Mundo, onces a mounth.

2017 – The revolution of the white coats; Women360º.

2013Mujer y gastronomia; PUNTOCEU Review /July 2013, Number 26.

2013 – Nuevo impulso al Mediterráneo as the Managing Director of TRANSMABER; ABC Newspaper/National and Catalonia Edition.

2013Nuevo impulso al Mediterráneo; Revista Catalunya Empresarial, Number 242 Sept/Oct

2014- Talante y Talento as the director of Communications of the UAO CEU, commemorating the passing of Emilio Botín; El Periodico de Catalunya. Op-Ed.

2014- Un nuevo paradigma de la riqueza; “+ Valor”, El Periodico de Catalunya supplement (Catalan/Spanish edition dated 29/10/2014).


2018- III Ocare Awards. Acknowledgment  for my workteam at Quirónsalud in CSR Policies.

2017 – Acknowledgment  for my work at Quirónsalud, in Spain’s Top 30 companies committed to the best practice in gender diversity.

2015- Acknowledgement or my work in promoting diversity at Quirónsalud. 2004- Appointed “Jove Cofrare de Mèrit of the Cofraría del Cava of Sant Sadurní” (Barcelona), in recognition of promoting Catalan and Spanish cuisine.2002- Founder and president of the Association of Catalan Gourmets of Catalonia (AGC). First national organization to raise awareness of Catalan culinary art and to enhance the role of women in haute cuisine.


  • Spanish Native speaker.
  • Catalan Native speaker. Nivell C
  • English Advanced conversational level, good reading comprehension.


2019 Writter in El Mundo and Participant as analyst and lawyer in “Converses” de la COPE Radio

2019 Member of the advisor Board in Foment del Treball

2018 Member of the committee of experts in intergenerational health and welfare at Generation & Talent Observatory.2017 Community Member for Climate.2017 Member of the Association Council 50×50.2016 Member of Forética- Climate Change Cluster.2016 Counselor of Transmaber S.L.2016 Member of the Advisory Board of the Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF) and member of the Health and Welfare group.2016 Member of the Advisory Board of the Health and Personal Foundation.

2015 Member of the SERES Foundation.

2015 Member of the Signis Cataluña management firm. Recently founded company linked to the World Catholic Association for Communication (SIGNIS).

2013– Present F4R (Funds for Research). Active collaboration in organizing events, sponsoring and directing research projects in collaboration with other institutions in the field of science.

2012– Organization of the “Trobades amb sentit” events.

2010– Member of the Círculo de Economía.

2004– Named Jove Cofrare de Mèrit de la Cofraría del Cava de Sant Sadurní (Barcelona), in recognition of my promoting the achievements of Catalan and Spanish cuisine.

2002Founder and president of the Association of Catalan Gourmets (AGC). The first nationwide institution that strives to promote the art of Catalan cuisine and further the role of women in the field of haute cuisine.

2005- Chairwoman of the board of directors of TRANSMABER S.L.